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Get ready for Helium 5G

The ShareNet program for Helium LongFi hotspots is now closed. Get ready for Helium 5G!

Helium 5G will be the second major wireless network that the Helium Network supports. If you have a phone that supports 5G, such as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you will soon be able to connect through Hotspots that are powered by the People — you may be getting 5G from your neighbor!

Helium has partnered with FreedomFi, who will be providing the 5G/cellular equipment. FreedomFi expects the end-to-end 5G setup to cost between $1,000 and $5,000, depending on how powerful the 5G radio included with the system will be. Hosts will be able to earn a variable amount of HNT, depending on radio power, location, and amount of data traffic passing through their Hotspot.

The Helium 5G Network will be exclusively available in select cities in the U.S. to start. We expect the Helium 5G Network to expand into other countries and cover a variety of spectrum bands as early as next year.

We are looking to work with a small number of people in different areas around the globe, who have access to cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, apartments, or other public spaces that are likely to use 5G/cellular data.

We will cover all equipment, shipping, and training costs. No experience necessary. There is zero cost to you! We will share all revenue with you 50% / 50%, until the equipment has been paid for. After that, the split will be 75% / 25% in your favor!

Are you ready to start your own 5G/cellular business?

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