ZataFi Communications, LLC
ZataFi Communications, LLC

ZataFi Communications is your gateway to the internet of things.

We specialize in devices utilizing license-free sub-gigahertz radio frequencies, which have a long range, low battery consumption and low cost connectivity. This is known as LPWAN, low-power wide-area network technology. Because of the long range and low power consumption, sub-GHz networking is particularly well-suited to Internet of Things applications.

We utilize devices that feature maximum security through end-to-end encryption and are ready to scale.

Because it is a fairly new technology, the LPWAN landscape is constantly changing. It is our job at ZataFi Communications to keep abreast of these changes, and to bring the most reliable and cost effective technologies into service for our clients, to accomplish what would otherwise be impossible to accomplish.

We do that, so you can run your business

We don't sell technology, we provide solutions.

You are not interested in managaging dozens or thousands of devices, replacing batteries, monitoring uptime, data reasonableness and building applications around your business needs.

We do that, so you can run your business.